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Nieuwsbrief 2021:

  • Dec: Warehouse security, Peak warehouse, New colleague
  • Nov: Bol.com’s new dedicated facility gives returns a second life, Groenewout welcomes new colleagues
  • Sept: Presentation demand planning & replenishment, Smart warehousing, New colleagues
  • Juli: Smart warehousing, Impact e-commerce logistics real estate, New-build DC for Vos Logistics Oss
  • June: REV’IT! streamlines logistics in new DC, Securing logistics premises, Strategic partnership Commonwealth and Groenewout
  • April: Autonomous mobile robots, Trends on Warehouse Planning, Webinar Future of Logistics real estate, Vacancy Senior Consultant
  • March:  Tarkett opens an efficient and sustainable DC, Smart storage systems call for smart thinking (building perspective), New colleagues


Nieuwsbrief 2020:

  • December: Smart storage systems call for smart thinking, e-commerce growth logistics real-estate, optimizing warehouse design
  • November: Domino’s Pizza new distribution and production center, Step by step to smart warehousing, Active Ants opens e-fulfilment center
  • October: How many solar panels do you need ? Combine e-commerce with brick-and-mortar stores, Logistics due diligence and synergy
  • February: Download presentations inspiration session, Future of B2C retail and e-commerce, How to use Access for analyzing logistics data ?
  • January: Bunzl improves efficiency and flexibility with new warehouse, Invitation inspiration session February 11, Supply Chain Innovations event March 19

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50 Jaar ervaring

Logistiek adviesbureau met meer dan 50 jaar ervaring.

Europese database

Europese logistieke database met transport en warehouse benchmark gegevens.

Netwerk ontwerp

Volledige expertise van netwerk ontwerp,warehouse ontwerp (layout concept ...)

Implementatie support

Implementatie support van nieuwe logistieke concepten (70% van Groenewout’s...)

Uitgebreide kennis

Uitgebreide operationele kennis, hands-on, pragmatisch en bottom-up benadering.