Strategische Partners

Over the years Groenewout has established working relationships with trusted partners who have their own unique service portfolio that tie in with our expertise in the supply chain.

To support specific expertise, industry sectors or geographies, Groenewout works together with the following exclusive, strategic partners:


Pharma Mgt & Consultancy
AIM Connection
AIM offers end to end supply chain including operations interim management and executional consultancy services for the international pharmaceutical, biotech, life science, food ingredients and chemical industries.

They recognize the value of reliability, continuity and excellence in the Supply Chain. Sustainable added value is delivered by people who know when to think, and when to act. People who have the education, the experience and the drive to take the decisions required to get a job done.

Their broad and versatile network of dedicated Supply Chain professionals, can effectively cover every aspect of your supply chain processes in terms of strategic, tactical and operational solutions. Their carefully selected team of over 125 dedicated supply chain & operations professionals can benefit from some 1,000 years of hands-on experience. This enables us to provide you with precisely the right level of personal, industry and case-expertise for the job at hand.

AIM has the people and the skills to develop and safeguard solid operations and sustainable growth.


Region Germany/Central Eastern Europe
Avineo is an independent consultancy specialized in helping clients from various industries to go new ways to achieving supply chain and customer service excellence.

The partnership of Avineo and Groenewout has a unique consulting proposition in supply chain and logistics management with a focus in the German / Central Eastern European market.


Location Advisory Services
Investment Consulting Associates
ICA is an independent consultancy firm specialized in location advisory, based in Amsterdam (NL) and recently merged with CWS Consulting Group, based in Massachusetts, USA. They have successfully developed and implemented a web based global location benchmarking tool:®.

ICA is best characterized through a blend and competitive mix of practitioners’, academic and policy experience in location selection, competitive analysis, research and foreign direct investment (FDI) software development. The combination of the three makes their business proposition unique.


Tax & Duty
Mazars is an international, integrated and independent organisation, specialising in audit, accountancy, tax, legal and advisory services. Mazars works for small and medium sized companies, large (international) companies and non-profit organizations. Mazars is positioned in the top 10 in the accountancy branch in the Netherlands and is, as part of the Mazars Group, one of the European market leaders in the field of accountancy.

Within the official partnership between Groenewout and Mazars, we share and strengthen each-others expertise in operational logistics and finance within the Transport & Logistics industry.

An overview of Groenewout articles featured in Mazars’ newsletter:

  • How a wholesaler can make a profit on a sales order
  • Transport case: cost center or customer service
  • 9 ideas how to survive the crisis efficiently
  • Benchmark European Distribution Network
Metis Consulting

Region France
Metis Consulting
Metis Consulting, a consulting firm founded by supply chain and manufacturing specialists. Metis Consultants offer end-to-end services from defining your strategic aims to implementation and achievement of the targeted result. Key business areas:

  • Logistics and supply chain excellence
  • Product development
  • Manufacturing
  • Information systems

The partnership of Metis and Groenewout has a unique consulting proposition in supply chain and logistics management with a focus in the French speaking markets.


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