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Implementation support for new sorter installation

januari 23, 2017 1681

DHL is a Logistic Service Provider specialized in warehousing and distribution, Value Added Services and transport. After gaining a contract, the proposed solution will have to be implemented in the shortest possible time frame to cope with contract conditions.

DHL gained the contract for the warehousing and distribution of the Return Flow and Factory outlet process for one of the leading company’s in Fashion. Return flow for Goods on Hangers as well as for the flat pack goods had to be designed and optimized. Groenewout was asked for the design of the logistics and IT concept and for the specification of the material handling and automation systems, as well as for the further implementation of those systems.

The preliminary design was prepared and worked out via the following project steps:

  • Conceptual design sorter process
  • IT-architecture design to control total process
  • Preparation shortlist based on long list
  • Detailed engineering for Material handling Equipment and WCS together with Suppliers.
  • Contracting Supplier.


  • Cost effective logistics solution
  • A reliable IT-architecture to limit customization of own WMS system as well as interfacing between systems to a minimum
  • Competitive proposals from different Suppliers, to come to the best proposal for minimal investments.
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