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april 6, 2016 1762


KLM Cityhopper is an operating carrier for KLM. Among others, KLM Cityhopper is responsible for the technical services of its own fleet. The maintenance activities itself have been outsourced to three Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities.

KLM Cityhopper did internal investigation that raised questions about key elements of the whole stock management process. Groenewout was asked to produce solutions to many issues identified during the internal investigation, including KPI setup, circular count of stock, the distribution of responsibilities, the design of the warehouse and the management of stock levels.

The investigation, the report and all of the existing agreements between KLM Cityhopper and their MRO’s were investigated and all the key players were interviewed. Groenewout took the lead in the project team, gave advice and challenged and KLM Cityhopper as well as the MRO in finding solutions on the several issues. In addition a complete wall-to-wall stock count was coordinated. Advice was given on the warehouse design and the warehouse processes. Built a model which gained daily, weekly and monthly inside into stock levels.

“We are satisfied with the deliverables as presented by Groenewout”.

“The important thing that became clear to us while working with them, is that they are able to do this based on the broad knowledge of and experience with many other parties. Groenewout worked in a pragmatic and practical way. Not through slick powerpoint slides.”

Click here for the interview “Groenewout improves entire stock management process for KLM Cityhopper” with Arjan Meijer, Director Technical Services & Fleet Development and Dirk Neelis, Director Finance & Control of KLM Cityhopper by Tjaart Theron.

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