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Syngenta is one of the world’s leading agri-business companies with more than 27,000 employees in over 90 countries.
The number one vegetation line is the Pelargonium. The total cycle time from development to end customer sale is about 2,5 years. This process could be reduced with 1 years by developing cuttings in a lab environment.

Although the lab process improved significantly, the reliability level is still perceived as too low. This new technology is used in parallel to the traditional method implicating a duplication of costs. Syngenta asked Groenewout to support the decision making process for a factual based final “go”/”no go” decision.

To assess the current situation, Groenewout interviewed the subject matter experts within Syngenta as neutral participant. Gaps and risks identified through the interviews were reviewed during workshops with the major stakeholders. Solutions and mitigation plans were developed and possible benefits were validated.  The recommendation to the steering team for the ‘’go’’/’’no go’’ decision included both financial and biological criteria.


  • Fact based decision making process and recommendation for the lab based development process.
  • Quantitative (financial) and qualitative (biological) conclusions and risk assessment shared and supported by the major subject matter experts and stakeholders.
  • Clear vision on the future of this new technique.
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